Since 2001 Gilian Project BV is active in the bio- and life-science sector. Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing and managing resources to bring about the successful completion of a specific project. Project Management is a business process of the project-oriented company. The Project management process starts with the project assignment and ends with the project approval. It consists of the sub-processes project start, project co-ordination, project controlling, project discontinuity management and project close-down.
Expertise and Skills

Project Manager Marc Schellekens is involved as project manager in several pharmaceutical companies and Start-Up companies in the field of “life sciences”. The main activity is to structure and monitor process of development and research projects and control deadlines. Participate and stimulate to enlarge a patent portfolio. Prepare and submit subsidy applications. The extensive network in the (inter)national academia, biotech, pharmaceutical and food safety/processing field enables Marc Schellekens to guide science into business. Since October 2001 Marc Schellekens participates as partner and CEO/COO in SkinTec BV a spin-off company separated from the Erasmus University Rotterdam (2001). Marc Schellekens, Skintec, is winner of the Biopartner business plan award 2002. Since October 2001 Marc Participates in EBI Food Safety BV. Started as Project Manager veterinary projects. In 2006, after a management buy-out, EBI Food Safety BV started her own R&D and Production facilities in Wageningen, The Netherlands. Marc started in an empty building and developed a full grown R&D lab, 12 employees, including industrial Production Facility all HACCP certified (DNV). Beside the facility Marc designed and developed together with EBI Food Safety’s Production Manager the first commercial industrial bacteriophage production process in the world.

Marc Schellekens is available to start, coordinate and successful close-down your projects.